A/C -furnance replacement decision


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A/C -furnance replacement decision

I live in GA, need to replace my gas furnance (cracked heat exchanger). While I'm at it, decided to get a heat pump to replace 12+ years A/C. With rising natural gas prices in GA, this seems like a good plan..I welcome opposing views.
House is 30 something, 2150 sq feet..and I plan to move within 2 years.
Biggest issue I have is the 2nd story stays much warmer in the summer, while downstairs is much cooler. Have to run A/C all day to keep upstairs cool. Furnance is in crawlspace.

I have expressed interest in dampers/zoning to help even things out, told this will cost about $2500 more..on top of the $6k for the 80% Trane furnance and xr11 HP.
Another vendor offered a variable speed furnance from Comfortmaker (4 ton HP). He explained the variable speed will help alot with the cooling of the upstairs.

Any feed back on either proposal is very welcome.


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New heat and cool

First you should go to www.warmair.net this will give you a look at how to compare fuel cost for where you are. this will let you know if a heat pump is better than the gas there.I dont think you want to go for top end equipment if you will be there for just 2 more years. Also when you are on AC have you tried to let the blower run all the time and see if that helps with the upstairs when on AC. ED
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RE: running blower all the time. Yes, I have tried that, it's running right now in fact. It does seem to help some, but it's not a perfect solution.
I'm thinking the dampers/zoning may be the way to go.

I'll check out the web site,
Deregulation in GA has ruined the gas industry, prices are out of control...

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Well, heat rises. So any heat in the house is going to moce upstairs. Also your attic is probably 150 degrees during the day.

There are probably lots of things to try, but you need to limit the air flow to the first floor. I assume this is forced air. If so either close on of the registers on the firsts floor, or partially close a few. This will lessen the amount of cold air that can flow in to the first floor, and increase the amount to the second floor somewhat. Play arounf until the temperatures come closer together.

Also yo may want to look at the insulation in your attice, or add and attic fan etc to coo lit off.
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