New Florida Home HVAC Questions


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Unhappy New Florida Home HVAC Questions

1. West central Florida. Summer temps and humidity most of the year -- no snow! ;-)
2. Heritage Buildings steel house on concrete slab.
3. No equipment selected yet.
4. Electric.

We are nearing the permitting process for a new home and I am trying fine tune the HVAC design.

The building has 12 foot eaves and with a gentle slope is a little over 13 feet at the ridge.

I am thinking of using gable fans to exhaust the hot air that will gather most of the year along the ceiling.

I'd thinking of using 12vdc fanss that are battery powered and re-charged by solar and ac -- this way if we lose power we still have some cooling.

Any device recommendations?

OR, would you recommend an all-AC applianced house and that I acquire a generator instead?

Thanks! dmc
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Question More info please.


The power thing is not very clear.

Are you saying you are building a house that does not have an electrical supply?
Also, you say you will use gable fans and this will remove hot air at the ceiling???

It would be helpfull if you paint a clearer picture of what you are building.
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Well dont know for sure just what you want here?Have been here for 18 years now and dont have a generator, guess I should. Is this for the storms you ask about? You can go whole house if you want that runs about 3k to 5k for the generator and this will run the AC.As I said been here 18 years and down in the islands for 6 years. So have been in some bad ones. You want water and lots of it , a small generator that will run the fridge for you for your food and some lights at night. Dont let them sell you a heat pump for down here you wont get the pay back. Go for just AC with electric heat thats all ED
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Unhappy Reply to More Info & Fans

I am still finalizing the house plans, especially the HVAC.

The house will be wired with 120vac but I want to be sure that the fans at the peak on either end will still draw off the hot air should the power grid fail -- it does so several times a year here in Hudson, FL (just North of Tampa).

Yes, my thought is that the two fans at opposite ends should draw off the rising warm air.

OK. re. no heat pump and electric for the heat.

I am planning to put the bladder-type storage tank for the well inside the house on a raised platform (6 feet up at least). It will be plumbed so I can draw water from it even after the well pump stops. (Guess a generator will help with keeping the water flowing as well!)

I also hope to add a passive solar hot water pre-heating tank later (bladderless water tank painted black and mounted outside).

I think that covers it for now. Thanks in advance for additional suggestions! dmc
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Id say for what you want ,a small generator will work out fine. this will let the fans run and the fridge. Dont for get the water pump will be 220Volt also

Now on the well, look around there and ask how deep is a good well and does it smell. most of the water here is just all iron.. just 10' up or down and you have a good well or a bad well. Some will make the sidewalk red in 3 months. I had one that was 78' rust rust. then one at 92' good very little rust in it. On smell if its bad the first thing they will sell you is an air tank and this helps a lot. But if you dont go with the bladder tank and put in the regular air tank for the well to start you dont have the smell.

On the electric down here its BAD. One winter my 220 line was down to 189.On and off so dam much In most of the AC I have looked at here you can see that they have had a new compressor put in at sometime. Thats why you want to have a time delay relay put in the outdoor unit of your AC there. Thats so it dont try to start at full high head.There also is a relay you can get to put on the fridge it will do the same thing for it and save you a compressor . Hay just think it dont snow here
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ed is the

pro on this forum when it comes to florida's high temps and humidity. listen to him. he has helped me with my dad's unit is west palm several times, he will not steer you wrong.
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