Remote Thermostat?

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Remote Thermostat?

I live in a 2 story town home. As usual the upstairs is always hoter than downstairs. The thermostat is down stairs. Is there a way I can set up a thermostat up stairs to help cool it down?

Doing this without zoning the house?
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cooler down

Id turn the fan on to run and close down a little all of the lower registers. Only other way to zone it ED
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Ed has a good idea. However, we had a lengthy discussion about this several months ago. We had a guy come on the board who said, that in his area, it was common in townhomes to have the cooling thermostat upstairs and the heating thermostat downstairs. [Northeastern US I think] He was talking about forced air systems. I had to admit that I hadn't thought about doing it that way but I drew out a couple wiring sketches on paper and saw that it would work ok. In my scheme, I wired in an interlock that would keep the heating and cooling from ever coming on at the same time. Upstairs you would need a thermostat with a subbase that has a HEAT/OFF/COOL switch and downstairs you would just need a thermostat and a wallplate, but not a subbase.
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2 T-stats?

Ed Imeduc is correct. The only way to solve the problem is to run the fan on continuous operation or go the expense of zoning. Usin two t-stats as you suggested will only waste $ by over cooling the lower floor during the cooling season and make it too warm in the heating season.

Even in my one-floor rancher I run the fan on constant to maintain even heating or cooling throughout the house.
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you might take a look and see if your system has balancing dampers. most newer systems have them as do many older ones as well. it is not uncommon to have to swithch them with the seasons... justmake a mark on the ductwork as to the position of the damper when you get it right. then mark them again in the fall when you have to switch them....this may be a free fix fore your problem

another posibility is much more expensive....get a wireless thermostat and move it from upstairs to downstairs as the need requires.....Carrier makes one for about $400 and you can just sit it on a table.....of course they can tend to get lost like the remote for your tv does.

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