2 zone hot water heating system


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2 zone hot water heating system

when the thermostat for zone 1 is raised both zone 1 and 2 produce heat. Is the zone 2 valve in the wrong position? Just moved in this house and never had this type of system before.
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Does your system have flow-checks? These are valves designed to keep heated water from flowing through the other zone under gravity.
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your system should have a thermostat for each zone valve. if both zone valves are turning on when only one thermostat calls for heat, then you may have either an electrical problem or the second zone valve is stuck in the open position (most likely) and needs to be replaced. the opening and closing of each valve is determined by it's own thermostat. you can check this by simply raising the temperature setting at the thermostat of one and listen for the related zone valve to open then turn down the thermostat and listen for it to close. the water may be too contaminated (dirty) and it damaged the valve. hot water systems need to be flushed once a year to keep them clean,air free and efficient. good luck!!
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sounds like a stuck valve to me, but try this out.....you say that when you turn on what you are calling zone one, both zones get hot......what happens when you turn on only the other zone...if it gets hot but zone one does not then it is a stuck valve.. and will need to be replaced..it is possible that there is some cross wiring, you will need to see if both valve open when only one stat calls....what kind of valves are these, there should be a name on them. as far as flushing the system every year...don't do it......a properly operating system should not need to be drained unless it is a steam system.....dumping the water and refilling only intri=oduces air into the system and will cause more problems
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Unhappy Bypass

There is the possibility that zone two's manual bypass is holding the valve open. This would do what you are telling us. Check the zone valves of both. It looks like a small lever that hooks under a small detent on the valve body This allows the user to manually open the valve if the power head were to fail.
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i agree about having air in the system, but any hot water heating system should have an "air scoop" to remove air that may be trapped in there. besides, it makes the system much quieter. the water in the piping gathers sediment and corrosion from the copper pipes and, over time, gets very dirty....sometimes black. any deposits can damage the mechanisms in the valves, not to mention deteriorate o-rings. i've always used White-Rogers zone valves and am happy with their years of performance. however, i'm still a believer that clear, clean water is healthier and more effecient for any system.
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wel578, you didn't say whether your system has a single circulator with zone valves, or two circulators, one for each zone.

How old approximately is this heating system?

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