Heating and cooling recomendations for a 1300 SF Row Home?


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Heating and cooling recomendations for a 1300 SF Row Home?

I need some info or things one might have done in thier previous setups for thier homes...

I just bought as an investment a 1300 square foot row home. The heat there now is electric baseboard..Thats coming out... I bought the house from HUD and they have money escrowed for a new ELECTRIC HOT AIR system.. I didn't see the contract details yet and most likely will on Monday.

Could ELECTRIC HOT AIR possibly mean a heat pump system...? There is NO duct work at all in this house. I thought about the spacepak system but I am afraid after looking at the site, I am sure its very expensive....

Then I thought about having a contractor install the system and I run the duct work.. But then I run into warranty issues as well...

What are my options? There is NO chiminey so oil or gas is OUT.... The house is only 14 feet wide but is 4 floors.... Any ideas?


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Hello: Spankey

My guess would indicate electric baseboard heating. Reasoning would be the 4 floors. All the heat will rise to the upper levels if central heating where used as in a heat pump system.

If there isn't any ducting currently installed there might not be any places to install any. That would exclude a centrally located single unit heat pump.

Electric hot air by use of baseboard heaters with built in fans might also be called elecrtic hot air heating systems, etc depending on the part of the country your in. Terms and phrases vary by area and so does the types of heating systems used.

Resident heating professionals replying within this forum, may have alternate solutions, suggestions, opinions and or test and repair methods. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Regards & Good Luck.
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Sharp Advice-

Thanks for the info.. Thats kinda what I was afraid of... Actually the 4th floor, I was including the basement. Stupidly, I do NOT intend to heat/cool the basement. So it would be actually 3 floors cooled...

Baseboard was what I was afraid of.....Guess I really just need to get some estimates and ideas.... I would really hate to have to cool this place with window units... I'll go broke... Although there are new windows throughout the entire place, so it should be air tight, at least I hope so.....

Thanks gain..

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my dos centavos

look int a zoning system. i am not a big fan of them personally, but very well could be the answer to your problem. there would be 2 trunk lines in a chase one supply and one return with an electrically controlled damper at each floor, (controlling supply ducts only, operated by individual tstats. cold air is heavier than hot air, and will be harder to push up the chase, can you locate the blower on the third or fourth floor? a heat pump does fall into the category of electric hot air, and i think you could make this work. get bids, they are free, and be sure to have a heat load calculation done on the home.
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Thanks for the reply. My buddy recomended his contractor.. He seems to be pretty cool. He said his contractor when he put radiant floor heating in his living room and kitchen. The contractor was going to let him lay the sub floor covering himself to help save him some labor costs... But he choose not too.... So I am thinking about contacting him for an estimate and seeing if he can give me some pointers for ductwork and see his cost on a hot air heat pump / ac unit.... Maybee if I run the ductwork myself with some help then pay him to come in and install the system itself..... I would understand that the ductwork install would NOT be warrantied but would hope the system would be...

My father/in/law added an 800 SF addition on his house and ran all his ductwork and had a company come in and inspect it and install the system... SO far he has had NO trouble at all...

I would be placing the unit in the basement seeing how my 3rd floor is finished off and has NO attic space...

Not sure of the rules here, but roughly what would a heatpump/ac unit run installed for a 1300 sf house. Just to give me a KINDA' heads up??? I know you can't estimate just a rough figure on just the unit and furnace... WITHOUT ductwork.. I will get that myself?

Thanks HVAC..

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