advice on which new HVAC to get and $

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advice on which new HVAC to get and $

hey guys,

Need some advice on what brand HVAC unit you would recommend and how much we should expect to pay for unit and installation.

Want pretty good efficiency.

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prices vary across the country, and i can only give you an indication what you would pay in atlanta. when getting a new a/c system, it is always wise to change the evap coil as well. this will give you a matched system, achieving the rated SEER, and in some cases, the condenser warranty will be void if you do not do this. the installation is more important than the brand in most cases. a cheaper unit will run better and longer than a high end unit if properly installed. procedures such as vacuuming the system are steps that are often overlooked, yet make a big difference in the long run. moisture is the enemy here, and must be removed to reduce acid formation in the refrigerant which will cause early failure. many pros also run nitrogen through the line as it is being brazed to reduce/eliminate scale buildup inside the pipe. checking ductwork to be sure it is properly sized to accomodate the needed airflow, generally 400 CFM/ton, being sure the blower wheel is clean, etc. one of the more overlooked factors is sizing. it does not matter if the home had 3 tons, now is the time to find out what is needed and install a properly sized system. many techs will look at the dataplate, finding the tonnage in the model # .. (18=1.5 ton, 24=2 ton, 30= 2.5 ton, etc) and give you a price to stick another comperable unit in. too often the original unit was over/under sized, and a simple heat load/loss calculation at this time wil give you what you need. construction, location, windows, eaves all play into this equation.

getting long winded here but there is a lot more to it than what brand and how much. that said, a 3 ton a/c with coil will run you @2000to 2600 depending on ease of install. be sure to get a unit with atleast 5 yrs on all parts, and in NC, i would expect a lot of run time, making a higher SEER make more sense. as for brands, i personally like rheem/ruud, as their reliability paired with reasonable cost is a good value

get plenty of quotes, get opinions from your friends as to who they use, and good luck!


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That will depend, first you need to look at how long you plan to stay in the house, then call out a company you know and make sure they follow certain guidelines.
1. 100% Guarantee
2. do a heat load to determine the correct size
3. give you at least 3 options.
4. review efficiency, If you live in the south the higher seer the better. I would not go below a 12 seer and I put in a 18seer two speed last year and it's great. Saved over $1,000 on my electric bills last summer and have never been more comfortable.

5. Make sure they do the install and don't sub it out.

Most of all make sure you like the person who comes out. I would not use a small local comapny as many go out of business in 3 years. Then you are left hanging on the warranty.
Use a comapny weho has been around awhile.

I like to ask them how many installs they do.

Finaly remember the unit will only run as good as it's installed. I would say 65% of how that new unit will run has to do with the way the put it in. So don't go with the cheapest.

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