return air duct noise reduction


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return air duct noise reduction

I am building a home theater. The room contains the return air duct for almost half of the house. Its huge! The door to that room has to stay open to prevent air from sucking thu the weatherstrip on the door and window. ITS really LOUD. I need to chop the noise and airflow into 1/4. I want to split the intake into the room next to it which is about 2 feet away (dining room/never used). What is the best way to reduce noise, and a ratio that keeps the volume appropriate. (This duct is also the closest to the plenum/fan chamber than any other in the house, causing more noise. Thanks! Tony
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split up the ducts

oversizing the duct will reduce velocity, hence noise. split them up with tees, there by reducing flow at each register greatly. may want to get a pro out there, hard to tell what you have and that is important in your case. call a contractor for his opinion....probably free estimate
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I agree that a pro should look at this.
It's true that a large ra duct will have less velocity and be quieter but sound dampening of the duct is also needed.
What will give you dampening is insulation but more importantly in your case is distance between the fan and the return air grills.
If you can make the duct longer it will be quiter.

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