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Dear Sir
I have a bathroom that did not have the heat connected. The base board heat was placed behind the toilet. I am thinking of connecting the heat. Will the base board heat behind the toilet cause a problem?. Thank youy
Carlos Salcedo
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Yes I believe it would be a problem.
The electrical code would probably consider the underside of a toilet tank a wet location which would make it a code violation.
Also the chances are good of the tank dripping or leaking or worse, the potential for a late night miss causing a hair raising experience.
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Dear Sir
Thank you for your answer, the bese board I refert to is a hot water base board, will it case the same problem?.
Thank you
Carlos Salcedo
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I see one potential problem with a heating source being under a toilet...condensation on the toilet tank.
Heat + normal bathroom humidity on a toilet tank filled with cold water = condensation dripping off of the tank.
If you hookup that baseboard heater, you probably should add a mixing valve to your toilet tank water supply to add warm water to the tank.
It will involve tapping into a nearby hot water line to add to (mix with) the usual toilet cold water-only supply.
Good Luck!
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oldguy has a good point. altho the heater itself would not pose a problem there, the moisture from the tank will deteriorate the element cover. also, any urine that may accidently splash onto it will speed the rusting of the cover. you'll be painting it every 2-3 years. it poses more of a maintenance problem than anything else.
the real question is why would it have been disconnected in the first place? however, i did get a chuckle out of greg's "late night accident" scenario.

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