Should I repair or replace a Lennox HS29?


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Should I repair or replace a Lennox HS29?

I'm in a bit of a bind. I know that air conditioning always fails at the worst possible time. Mine failed yesterday, going into a weekend, and with my wife due to give birth to our first baby in less than a week!

Both the fan and the condenser on my Lennox HS29-511-2P air conditioner aren't working, so I had a repairman look at it.

He could help the fan along with a push from a screwdriver, and once it got going, it would spin on its own. While he was doing this, there was a wisp of smoking coming from (I believe) the C7 capacitor for the compressor and starter.

The repairman sells American Standard air conditioners, and of course tells me that it would be better to replace the entire unit than it would to replace both the fan motor and the compressor. He also assures me that American Standard is a much higher quality unit than Lennox.

I'm not so sure it isn't just the capacitor or another electrical gremlin.

If it matters, the serial number is 5897K 19979.

I feel like the guy has me over a barrel. So I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible that a faulty fan and compressor could be the fault of something simple? If so, how should I check it out, or what questions should I ask the repairman?

2. Is there any real or perceived quality difference between Lennox and American Standard by the members of this forum?

Thanks in advance,

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AC cost

When your not there and it sounds like he didnt ring the unit out.Its hard to say get a new one or fix this. When you can just push a fan with the power on and it runs ,most of the time its just the fan capacitor is all. But the other smoking has me. I think I would get someone else to look at that unit if they say all of this is bad then get 3 bids for a new inside coil and out side unit. this way you can get a better seer than you have now. I feel lennox is a better unit than american standard and I like Trane the best
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sounds like as bad somebody else, or replace it your self. see previous posts as to checking them.
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How did this end up?

The unit was made in 1997 I think. The OD fan motor bearings or capacitor cause it not to run without an assist.

The compressor needs to be checked further, it is unlikely to be seriously broken.

A second opion can be a good investment. (Same as you might do if you get bad news from a medical doctor.) Don't let them ever use the word "bad". Get a clear description of the failure mode, and opinion as to the cause, and information to prevent a future repeat failure. Only then, discuss the cost to repair or replace. If they cannot explain the failure clearly, I doubt that they understand it clearly. That's the way it is. Watch out for BS. There are a lot of "pros" who aren't.
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