Very weird thing happened with AC today...


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Very weird thing happened with AC today...

Well my AC has been working great since I had it serviced. Today I was working outside and came in to take a break. I noticed that the house (manufactured house) was a little warm. I put my hand over the register and it was blowing warm air. I checked the thermostat and it was showing 86 degrees when I have the thermo set at 80. Thought the AC wasn't running - went outside and unit was running, lines were not froze up (just had the unit checked for leaks and none could be found). I turned the blower off for a few seconds and pulled the batteries out of the thermostat and blew out some dust on the inside. Assembled everything back - turned blower fan motor back on. I also took the hose and cleaned out the fins on the unit, though they were already clean (just had a few pine needles in them). Now it runs perfect again. What could it be? Sort of concerned since I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and don't want this to happen when I'm gone, my animals may not survive the brutal heat. I was thinking about replacing the thermostat batteries even though it does not show that the batteries are low. Any help appreciated.... Thanks!!
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difficult to say

if both the condenser (compressor and o/d fan) and indoor blower were running, not sure, however i suspect compressor may have cut off with fan still running, and your shutting the system down may have allowed it (compressor) to cool off and restart. capacitor may be weak, hard to say........
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Is their a relay of some sort that the thermostat controls that could affect the operation of the compressor? Seems since I put fresh batteries in that I have had no problems. Worked great yesterday and works fine today as well.

Its a Heil unit. Anyway that i can check the cap. and the relay/contact in the unit with a multimeter? Done electrical work before. I would hate to call a tech and have them charge me a service call just to tell me nothing is wrong. (My usual luck). Thanks again.

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I think the compressor was overheated and OFF.

I wouldn't worry. The compressor probably has a low torque motor. If the power hiccups or the stat is bumped or jiggled, the compressor may cycle off and right back on. It won't start. The compressor motor heats up and shuts off on safety. It may stay off 10 minutes to 120 minutes depending on how warm the compressor motor was before the short cycle and how hot the surrounding air is. This is a relatively common and meaningless event unless it is a FREQUENT event.
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Is it electric heat??

If so, the electric heat sequencer may have stuck, running the heat and air at the same time.

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