cleaning inside coils


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cleaning inside coils

i'm looking for some info on cleaning the inside coils of my home air conditioner recently i sprayed some "coil nu" on it and it appeared cleaner but i'm still worried that it may be clogged is it possible to use compressed air to blow backwards thru the coils and will that bend or deform the coils thanks for your help in advance
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lynn comstock
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I prefer soap and water. Compressed air can do some good, be careful.

1) Coil inspection:
......a) The surface can be clean but the fin spaces may be choked with dirt. Open the indoor coil box YOURSELF and shine a bright 60-watt light on one side of the coil. Use a mirror on the other side to see whether light will pass through the coil fin spaces.
.......b) You should be able to see slots of light coming through the fin spaces. It is all but impossible to deep clean the coil without cutting the lines and removing it from the house. It is less work to install a new coil.

2) Coil cleaning:
......a) You will need a wire brush or a stiff bristled toilet brush, flashlight, hand mirror and an assortment of screwdrivers. Latex caulking is good for resealing the coil box after you are done. Latex caulking washes off with water and it won't bond so tightly that you cannot get it off nest time.
.......b) Try to lift off the surface dirt with a wire brush, be careful not to push dirt deeper into the coil and not to bend the fins. Use the mirror and flashlight to look through the fin spaces for embedded dirt. If it is dirty inside, washing with a stream of water at high pressure can remove much the dirt but often leaves some. You see the obvious problem with that.
.....c) Wash the coil with liquid laundry detergent or a coil cleaner and water using a pump-up sprayer of some kind. A water hose can be used with extreme care not to drip, spill, or overflow the pan. Have the Power OFF. Keep the water away from all electrical components. Backwash the coil to force the dirt out towards the direction from which it entered. Flush the dirt out of the drain pan and drain line at the end of your coil cleaning.
.....d) If the coil interior is really jammed with dirt, you will probably not be able to get enough force without a pressure washer (like at a carwash). In this case coil replacement is the best option since aggressive coil cleaning cannot be done inside of the home without an unacceptable risk of water damage. Thus the labor cost of cleaning is greater than the labor cost of replacement.
.....e) Clean it regularly/yearly to keep the dirt from building up inside of the coil. Many air conditioning companies neglect to clean the indoor coil because of the difficulty and risks involved.

3) Filters are a great long-term investment. You let the filters catch the dirt and throw it away. This prevents future coil cleaning expense or work and reduces energy waste.
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partial removal of Acoil for cleaning

Is it advisable to leave the lines intact but remove one side of the plenum and carefully pull out the coild and thoroughly wash/scrub it while outside of the airhandler? While mine is not dusty, I think there is a film coating the fins that can limit heat transfer. I think in my case there is enough lines in the utility room to allow for a couple of feet of movement.
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clean AC coil

I dont think you should try to move the coil out. If you bend the lines you could make a leak. Also there is a coil fin comb that we use on the coils over the wire brush . Hd had them. Use a light like Lynn said ED

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