Furance Idiot

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Question Furance Idiot

OK, this is going to sound idiotic -
Last year, when I moved into this rental house, I ask the owner about the furnace filter.

"Uh, I dont think it has one. I've never changed it . . ."

So - I'm going "OK, this must be a new type, no filters to replace, cool.

Except when it didn't fire up this summer, and the guy comes out to check it, . . . I get the call at work, "Honey, the guy says we need a new filter, this one's disgusting! 16 x 25 x1, can you pick one up on your way home?

I knew it. D*mn!

When I get home, there's the nasty beast, but the unit is closed up and I still don't know where the new filter goes. It looks like it should be obvious, right there in the front. It looks the right size, but it won't close.

I go to the carrier site, the bryant site, no one has a manual. I feel stupid, but can't they just have a pdf of the filter assembly, or even a generic one so I can at least figure out if I'm close?

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lynn comstock
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Most furnaces have a filter slot behind the door that accesses the furnace fan. It is at the very bottom of an upflow furnace where the return air duct enters the furnace.

It may be that the return air grille has a provision to hold a filter. This type has a hidden hinge on one side and some visable fastening mechanism on the other side to open and close the "door".
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Thanks Lynn,

That's the way my old electric one worked. This gas one has no visible grill - (at least not where I'm looking) which is right behind the slotted front panel. The height and width appear to be right, its just the depth of the filter won't allow the panel to go back on. ( I don't suppose they come any thinner than 1"?)

Anyway, right now I just have it duct taped to the front, with the panel door off.

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