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Unhappy Dilemma

I have posted a few times about the big fan in the big box outside making a rough noise and have been told that it is most likely the ball bearings wearing out.

Well, guess what? You were right. It will cost $900 Canadian for the repair. I also found out that the unit (KeepRite) is 21 years old and that my furnace (Olsen) is 24 years old.

To replace the a/c only would cost $4,000 Cdn and to replace everything would cost $9,000 Cdn (all Lennox equipment). I don't have the money and would have to pay part of it by personal line of credit and the rest by credit card.

The house is at least 50 years old and I don't plan to spend the rest of my life here. Problem is I don't know if I will be here another 2 years or another 10.

New equipment would be a good selling point but I very much doubt that I would recoup the cost.

I am leaning toward doing nothing and then if the unit breaks down having it repaired for the $900.

Sometimes the noise doesn't occur at all and I don't use the a/c a lot. Does anyone know how long it might take for the unit to break down?

If I wait for it to break down could that cause other repairs to be needed?

Thanks in advance.

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Ed G
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Linda what is the conversion form US$ to Can$. Those numbers are very high, in my opinion. The cost of equipement may be more there, I would get a second or third quote. $900 for an OFM is, Wow.

Post your make and model of unit and We can try to give you an acceptable range.
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Boy if Im right thats about $600.00 US for a fan motor dont sound good. Ill let GREG give you the what for here . He is up there with you. Do they rebuilt motors there ?Did you ask? Did they or you try to oil the motor. If it stops just turn the AC off thats all ED

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