use of water from water cooled a/c


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use of water from water cooled a/c

Does anyone have true technical safety issues in using the hot water output of city water used to cooled water cooled air conditioner in a home. THe water goes down the drain otherwise and I though about using it to fill up/top up/heat up the swimming pool. I know that water cooler A/Cs are no longer installed in house holds. I assume that as long as the water pours into the pool ( not submerged) there is no suction potential back into city supply. Any risk of freon contamination? and what safety does that possess, if any?
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Not freon

Unless the water is lower than -40F it will boil off the minute it hits the atmosphere if put into water it boils too. Drain it into the pool, hell its your pool!
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It is against code to do this but if I were going to be a lawbreaker I would install a checkvalve on the end of the condenser drain line and put the end at the bottom of the pool.
If you just drop it onto the top of the water the heat will never make it to the bottom.
The only risk is that if the condenser decides to rupture, aside from a major sunburn from damaging the ozone layer, oil as well as freon will drain into your pool.
You could get as much as a cup of oil and then have a major headache to try and clean it up.
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water cooled

Years back we set it up so the water would be used to water the lawns when the water was on to cool the AC. Boy you must have good water there.Some times when we still had water units we would have to clean them out 2 times a year and more to keep the head down. Code then we had to have a checkvalve on the inlet side of the coil on the city water and on the out let side a thermostatic valve to control the head ED

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