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Unhappy Leaky Cooler

My MasterCool evaporative cooler has been leaking almost all summer. It only leaks when the pump is running, and it leaks badly from the bottom. My logic, which is sometimes faulty, tells me that this means that somehow water is getting under the plastic tray reservoir. I have used plumbing tape on all connections, so I don't think that the leak is there. Though we did discuss that the only one I missed is the copper tubing connection on the inside of the cooler. The float is properly adjusted, the pads are in good condition and I can't find any cracks in the tray. I have spent hours on our second-story roof the has a steep slope and I really don't want to go back up just to waste time. Any suggestions?
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lynn comstock
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If the tray were the problem, the cooler would leak all of the time and not just when the pump is running.

The water is lifted above the pan by the pump, and is either splashing out over the pan into the cooler or being pulled off of the pad by the airstream velocity. With the power off, unbelt the cooler and restore power and check for splashing. The water should stay in the "wet" section and the "dry" section should be dry.

If you see no spashing over a 20 minute period, turn off the power, rebelt the cooler and restore power. After 20 minutes check the "dry" section containing the blower for water.

Water pulling off of the pad is caused by excess air velocity (often caused by mineral buildup blocking a part of the pad forcing all of the air though the remaining open area of the pad.)

If you have had the pad out of the box for any reason, the pad (or a part of the pad) may be installed backward. The holes in the pads are at 2 different angles. The steepest holes should slope down to the air inlet side of the pad. If the steepest slope is toward the fan, water will pull off into the "dry" fan section.
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Thanks for the quick reply Lynn. I was unaware that the pads were two-sided and I'll check that out. The last time I was working on this problem, I checked the dry area and it remained dry. The lip of the tray also remained dry, leading me to believe that it is not an overflow problem. Are there any additional things I should look for?
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lynn comstock
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Ok, the easy way to see the slope of the channels is to insert a common pencil or small screwdriver and note the angle that it makes to the pad surface....Just let me know what you find. It will help others as well.
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Talking Cooler fixed!


Thanks so much for your help. I wanted to wait a while to make sure that everything was working right. I did have the pads in backward, but it was difficult to tell which way they went in. It took several tries and a second trip to the roof to test it. I also found out that one of the plastic pieces that lines the side of the cooler was in upside down and was not holding the drip system (technical term?) correctly. Anyway, we no longer have a lake in our backyard and I have you to thank. Drought stricken New Mexico also thanks you.


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