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Question A/C problems


My a/c unit is not working efficiently. I will set it on a desires temp, but it rarely maintains that temp, and it runs constanly. (overnight it reaches the desired temp, but by mid-morning, it is running again, and going up)

Two years ago, we replaced the compressor, but not the rest of the unit (which is probably as old as the house -22yrs). We are planning on moving out this fall, so I didn't really want to replace the unit at this point if at all possible. Any suggestions on what to do? How do I know if I need more freon? Also, how much is a condenser unit, and would it be most beneficial to get a new one?

Thanks you in advance for your help.

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If you have a clean air filter and during the day when it is hot outside, you still have condensation on the large copper tube that comes out of the house and goes into the outdoor unit, the unit is probably undersized. That would indicate that (most likely) your unit is working OK but it is small for the house. If you observe anything vastly different from what I described, reply with what you find.
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Depending on the condition of the return filter if you changed it on a regular basis every 1-2 months or once a year it sounds like your evap coil is impacted with dirt mold mildew fungus and anything else that got around the filter. Your evap coil which is attached to the Air/Handler Furnace should have an access panel so you can look at its condition and clean if necessary. When its clean , the air can flow thru it smoothly and the unit will cool more effectively and efficiently.
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You've said you're moving out this fall and that the unit , indoor, is 22 yrs old. I can understand that you don't want to make any replacements so heres a couple things you can do. First, make sure the filter is clean.. Remove the blower panel that lets you see the coil. My guess is, after 22 yrs. its impacted with gook like you wouldn't believe and nothing short of its removal, not replacement, for cleaning is going to get it throughly cleaned. For this you need a service tech.. If it "looks" clean to you, the filter is clean and its been running for at least 15 minutes, and all vents are open, take an accurate thermometer and put it in the return air stream at the indoor unit so as to sense only return air. Then do the same with the supply air a foot or so away from the blower outlet. If you can't do this, then take the temp at the nearest outlet. Depending on the outlets' distance, you could have a temp drop of 1 or 2 degrees.If the temp difference is within 17 to 21 degrees, you're in the ballpark on refrigerant. Higher, you're short. Lower, you've got a plugged coil and/or a lack of sufficient airflow. You might want to consider spending $75 for a service call since you're moving and have a tech check it out. All things being equal, there's no question your unit is very inefficient because of its age, but at one time it did do the job of cooling. However, with time you could have duct leaks, a breakdown of the attic insulation, plugged coil and blower wheel, poor condensing, shortage of freon, etc. . I'd do all I could to keep a bandaid on before replacing anything. Good luck.
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Same Problem, but..

I had a same problem like julw1 2 weeks ago. Mechanic said air con unit didn't have enough freon, and he refilled it. However, a few days later, I felt it's getting worse again. Finally, when I came back home today, I found air con unit was stopped. It smelles like something burned. The mortor works, but the fan doesn't, and the mortor makes strange noise. The center of top of air con unit is very hot. Now we disconnect the plug to the unit. The inside fan works well.
I guess we have a big problem.

Please advise me ASAP.

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