Window A.c With Cold Air

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Unhappy Window A.c With Cold Air

Hi folks;
Have a small problem here with a 5 yr (appox) old Friedrich 8000 QStar window AC. Until recently it worked perfectly, however it no longer seems to blow cool air.
I have cleaned the filter, and vaccumed the fin ducts and inside. I have put several drops of 10/30 w oil in the fan motor duct. But still nothing.
Here is what I have found after about appox 10 minutes of runtime.
- The fans will run and it sounds like the compressor kicks in (discernible hum after awhile) .
- Going to the top of the outside exchanger is a copper tubing. This tubing become HOT.
- The thin copper tubing from the front of the unit , which loops, then downsizes is COLD.
- Tube alongside it has no temp change.
- After loop it becomes WARM.
- Where the tubing downsizes there is no discernible temp.
- The condensor is extremely HOT!! Almost to hot to touch.
This has the number 2R10B3R1266 made by Matsu****a Elec Industries on it .Also the #2071912US on it.

All this leads to no cold air

Believe that I might have had a pin hole leak of refridgerant. Is this a possibility? Is it repairable, or cheaper to take turnin credit and get a new one?
Any suggestions?
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The thin copper tubing from the front of the unit , which loops, then downsizes is COLD.
Is it frosting? If it is frosting. it would likey be low on refrigerant (if the airflow is nomal and the coil and filter are clean).

The air out of the supply grille after 10 to 15 minutes of operation should be about 22 to 25 degrees F colder than the air going into the return grille if the filter and coil are clean. It would help if you could measure these temperatures and report back. (Also measure the temperature difference across the outdoor coil.)
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When you had the cover off did you hose down the condensor? If it's extremely hot it may be dirty restricting air flow. Take the entire unit outside, remove the cover, hose the coils down very good avoiding the electricals. Let it dry out for a couple hours then put it back in and give it a try.
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Id turn it in and get a new one for what it would cost to find and fix the leak put al ine tap on it and freon. Oh and when you oil elec motors dont use a 10/30 or a 3 in 1 oil .JUST use #10 motor oil. ED

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