GE 6000BTU window unit

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GE 6000BTU window unit

Trying to diagnose problem with decreased cooling.

I live in south Louisiana where summer temps reach 88-95 degrees and frequently the humidity is 85-95%. Hot and humid.

Bought unit 26 months ago & use to supplement central air to my office. Unusual for it to be turned off anytime during the year because even if not cooling, I am using it to circulate the air. The unit is a AGD06LAG1 model.

In the last couple of weeks, it has quit cooling as it should. It does cycle on and off, but air discharge does not get below 65 degrees. Then the air discharge will reach 80 degrees before it cycles back on. I suspect the thermostat, but I know very little about what else it could be, or how to confirm my diagnosis.

I have checked for icing - there is none. I have made certain the unit is clean and filter is clean.

I spent less than $200 on the unit new, and hesitate getting a service man to check and/or repair - I probably would be better off buying a new unit (Our throwaway society). Therefore, since I am pretty capable of doing this kind of thing, I thought I might try the repair myself before I replace it.

I think I have mentioned all the relevant facts...

Any ideas?


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You could look at the tstat bulb or line that is there by the coil does it have dirt on it? Also unplug the unit and turn the tstat up and down a lot then plug the ac back in and see it that helps.
If it dont work get a new one. Cost to high to work on a 6k btu AC if you cant take it in some place that will work on it ED
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Before tossing it, take it out of the window, take it outside and remove the exterior cover. [only about a bizillion screws] I think you'll find that the outdoor heat exchange coil probably needs a good cleaning. Wash it out and let the unit sit and dry out. Look for oil ports on the fan motor and give the motor a little [emphasis on little, don't drown it] squirt of 3 in 1 or similar light grade oil. [not automotive oil] Reassamble, put it back in the window and try it out. If it isn't any better, toss it coz you'll spend more than you can replace it for.

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