Water dripping Outside AC/Heatpump unit

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Water dripping Outside AC/Heatpump unit

Hello: I need help figuring out whats going on with my AC/Heatpump.

When the Thermostate unit is on AUTO -FAN , it doesn't cool. The inside fan doesn't turn on.

When I keep Thermostate unit FAN - ON, it cools fine.

There is water dripping around the outside AC unit.

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lynn comstock
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1) The fan and the wiring is OK because it works in the FAN-ON position. The stat internal wiring or auto switch is not supplying the signal to the fan. Replace the stat.
2) Do you have a packaged unit with ductwork attached outside? It is supposed to drip water from a drainpipe. The drain is supposed to have a trap on it (like under a sink...trap).
If it doesn't have a trap, or the piping is clogged with dirt and slime, water may drip from the unit cabinet wherever it can find a pathway to the outside. Running a proper drainline is not as simple as one might think.
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If indeed you have a heatpump unit be sure and buy a heatpump t-stat. Try and avoid the cheapo stats go with Honeywell.

How much water are you seing coming from the outside unit? Did you see this water after the unit was in auto for a while? Possible that it froze up if the outside unit was running when the indoor blower was not coming on. You will though naturally get some water drippage off the larger copper tube at the outdoor unit esspecially if the insulation is missing when it's running normal.

But follow what Lynn says if it's a package unit.
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New Evidence - Water dripping Outside AC unit

Hello: Thanx for your suggestions. It was 2AM last night when I wrote the previous observations. Here is more evidence regarding what is happening. Please let me know what your diagnosis of this problem is.

1. I have Goodman heatpump CPKJ48 and Honewell Chronotherm III thermostat. The outside unit has two metallic pipes. One Naked and one covered with insulation connecting to it. Both pipe go inside the house. Rest of the air conditioning unit is (vents, air ducts etc ) is inside the house in the attic.

2. I saw water last night dripping under the outside unit. When I checked in
the morning again (I had left the unit off for the night) there was a sticky (very yucky - I touched it) transparent substance around the pipes outside - where they connect to the outside unit. (I am praying its not freon)

3. When I turn on the AC from the thermostat, it kicks in. Both inside and outside fans are running with cool air coming out.

4. If you set the thermostat higher than the room temp, both fans shut off.

5. Now if you set the thermostat lower than the room temp, both the fans do NOT turn on.

6. If you set the FAN from AUTO to ON position, both fans come on and cooling starts.

7. I guess during startup from OFF to COOL position, the AC works. But when the temperature is changed later, the fans donít kick in.

8. I had the CAP on this unit changed by tech a month ago. The solenoid of this unit is making a lot of humming noise even when the unit is under standby condition. The tech said it was okay as some of them tend to develop this noise.

Please let me know what your diagnosis is. Is this something that I can fix by myself (EE) or need to call for tech.
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#2Would you say that stuff ,yucky ,at the outside unit had any like oil in it??

#5 lower the temp at tstat and fans do not come on????
Is the tstat wired right ??You do have it turned to cool

#6 When I turn the fan on at tstat both the fan inside and the ac outside comes on. Is the tstat wired right??????

I keep come back to the stat for now.Is it new ,was it put in when the unit was?

This here is for a honeywell tstat

R power
Rh heat trans power
Rc cool trans power
W heat load
Y compressor
G fan
W2 2nd stage heat
Y2 2nd stage cooling
C common just if you need it at the tstat

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The yukky stuff was more like a very sticky glue. Didn't feel like oil.

The thermostat has been there since the unit was installed about 5 years ago when the house was built. Can thermostat just start behaving strangely like this? It has been working fine so far till yesterday.

I would like to know if I am damaging the unit by keeping it running during night... since it works when I leave the FAN on ON position.

How difficult is it to replace the thermostat? Any recommendations on programmable thermostats?
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Yucky stuff around AC unit - found

Upon further investigation, I figured out where the sticky yucky stuff was coming from. It was actually coming from the capacitor that the tech recently replaced on my AC. He replaced the original dual cap with two separate caps -- large one and small one. While connecting the whole setup there was a spark due to short around the small cap. Then he taped up the small cap and left it there convincing me that it will be ok.

Looks like there is yucky fluid coming out of the cap and falling on the two metal pipes.

I will be calling the tech to fix the cap again. Is replacing the original cap with something kluggy like this ok?

Does the small cap leak explain why the ac doesn't work on AUTO - FAN mode? Could it cause the thermostat to malfunction?

Thanx again...
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The separate caps are better, provided they are of the correct voltage and microfarad rating. One is for the outdoor fan motor usually a 5uf, 370Volt and the compressor one is 25uf, 370Volt, assuming this is a 208/230 volt system...but these are just ballpark ideas what they MIGHT look like. The tag on the side of the fan motor will tell you it's requirement for sure. If you tell us the compressor model and make we can tell you what is needed for caps and potential relay if needed. The cap should have a boot on it to prevent shorts....ect...they should be out of the elements(rain) Don't run it till they are replaced or you will loose the equipment.
Chronotherm III is a top of the line thermostat, overkill for residential installation. Step one ....replace the batteries, often when they are a bit low they start to do odd things. They also have a 5 minute time delay. When the outside unit fan runs, the indoor fan must run, or there is a control issue at hand. I would check the stat by using the self test mode built into the stat. Read the operators booklet that came with it to do that.
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Chronotherm III ! Great stat. Like HVAC01453 says check batteries 1st before you chuck it.

1st time I ever dealt with the chronotherm III I thought I'd need to get a degree in programming till I figured it out.
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Re: Yucky stuff around AC unit - found

[QUOTE]Originally posted by zampak
Does the small cap leak explain why the ac doesn't work on AUTO - FAN mode? Could it cause the thermostat to malfunction?

No. The small cap is connected only to the outside fan motor.

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