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Angry AC not cooling

Our central air conditioner has been going out all summer. It basically stops cooling, or cooling enough. The air coming from the vents does seem to be a little bit cool, but certainly not cold, unless it's right after the repair guy has been by. We've been calling him every 2-3 weeks because that's how long whatever he's doing to it seems to last. It may be that the unit cannot handle the 5-6 100-plus degree days we have about that often. Or the cycle may be a coincidence. I don't know.

During the day, the temperature inside hovers around 85, according to the thermostat, which may or may not be correct. At night, when outside temperatures eventually cool off to around 72-75, the inside temperature might get down to 79-80, at least by 7 a.m. It does seem to be cooling some, just not very much.

I don't know much about air conditioners, so I'm not sure what to check. I know ours is quite old and the guy did say in March (when we first turned it on) that it has a leak and he's called to recharge it every year. On non-professionals' advice, I've sprayed down the outside unit with the hose, flipped the circuit breaker and changed the filter on the return vent in the house. I also read that I should check the coils and see if they need cleaning, but I don't know where they are or how to find them.

So my questions: Can you tell me how to find the coils? If I call the repair guy and ask what he did and if it's something I can do, will he tell me and save himself a trip or not tell me so he can get paid for a job? (Yes, I'm cynical.) Is there anything I can check first? Is it just time to harass the landlord about getting a new unit? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Being that you're in a rental you're kinda stuck. Sounds like he's sending Bubba to give it a Gas-N-Go. If that's the case then even cleaning the coil wont help if he's adding refrigerant every few weeks.

Your air filter should be changed once a month. If you do want to try cleaning the coil it's located wherever the furnace is. If you're lucky there is an access panel to remove to give you room to clean it. It will look like a car radiator usually A shaped.

In my rentals I put it in the agreement that I will maintain the HVAC which includes the a/c but I believe he only legally has to keep the heat maintained. If you are a good tennant he should help you out, I do my good ones the bad ones wait till I get around to it.

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