leaking oil tank in basement


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leaking oil tank in basement


i just discovered a very slow leak in my 275 gallon oil tank in the basement. I was told $1000-1500 to replace it and dispose of the old one. I am a high school teacher who can't afford this much money. Are there any other options??

For example: Can I remove it myself? Can I buy my own tank? Can I install it??

Any and all info is welcomed before I sink serious money into this.

And one more thing: we have our house on the market and are planning on selling soon. Should we try and patch the tank??

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robert smith:

If you were to replace the tank you would need a fuel pump to pump the fuel out of the house into a storage tank, replace the tank and then pump the fuel back in.
You would have to check on what house remodelling may have done to your ability to get the tanks in and out.
You could contact your fuel dealer to fing a tank supplier.

No it can't be patched. Besides, if you patch the tank and someone buys your house you could be responsible for any thing that happens.
Heard of someone that returned from a holiday to find half their tank emptied in their basement.

I guess what I'm saying is that $1500.00 sounds like a bargain to me.
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Have you gotten prices from your oil supplier yet? They may cut you a pretty sweet deal. Even though I'm in this trade I would rather pay somebody else to do this just for the smell factor.

Is the actual tank leaking or is it a line or fitting. If it's one of these repair it. But if the tank is whats leaking like Greg said don't patch it you're just asking for trouble.
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thanks and i agree with what you are saying. the leak is on the side of the tank and it can't be patched.

$1500 might not be a bad price given what is involved with removing, cleaning and disposing of the old tank but $1500 is a lot when you don't have it readily available.

i usually try and do this stuff myself to save the money but i agree with what you say that it might be too messy to do myself plus, i need a permit to dispose of it.

so, i might hire someone. right now, i am leaning toward subcontracting the work: someone to remove it and someone else to put it in if i can get a new tank at a good price.

right now, i am just waiting to see what the experts have to say regarding price.

thanks for your input. as always, i appreciate it a lot.
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If you work w/ one guy/dealer, and he does all the work.. Ask him if you two can work out a payment plan or something out .. And explain to him that cash it a little tight right now..

Doesn't hurt to ask! :-)

I agree w/ Matt. Check with your oil supplier since they deal with the oil more than a Furnace dealer.
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If you have the room in the basement it may work better to put the new tank in, pump the oil from the old tank to the new, then remove the old tank. That way you don't need a storage tank. But you'll have to run a new line from the new tank to the furnace.
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thanks again for the info.

at this point i am leaning toward having someone do it for me given that the new school year is starting up and i will be back full time, plus, we are busy selling the house.

my only question is: i priced tanks and they retail for about $250 so they probably wholesale for under $200. The quotes I am getting for the job is $1200-1500. I know there are possibly permits involved and a disposal fee but it just seems to me that $1000-$1200 is mostly for the labor. This seems high to me.

Is there something I am missing?

thanks again
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oil tank

Did you try other oil companys. And say you will buy oil from them if you get a good deal on a new tank? Could help ,dont have to say your selling the home. ED

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