How can I but freon to my A/C

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Exclamation How can I but freon to my A/C

How can I go about buying freon and putting it myself to the central A/C?
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Sorry but unless you get EPA certified it's illegal for you to do this. The last time I checked it was up to $15,000 and max 5 years. There getting very serious about this these days and anyone that turns someone in gets a pretty nice reward so even we have to dot every i and cross every t cause you never know who's watching you.
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Exclamation Tell me something I don't Know

I am Aware that you need a licence to purchase the freon. That is not my problem My friend has the licence but every place that I called wants to do it themself and I am looking to ecomomize, get it. They charge 100 dollars an hour just to come into my house and thats like giving away money. There is nothing that a person is going to do that is worlth 100 dollars an hour, sorry!!! My problem is where can my friend get the freon at a decent price? Oh I do nothing illegal, just in case you were ready to cash in on that reward!!!{mattison} I do not like to be threatened, Thank you.
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Is your friend in the field? If so, he should know where to get the stuff from...
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Angry No help at all!!!

I thought this web-site was to answer questions and help people, guess not!!! I have asked two question thats all!!! What do you care who is going to fix it or what. Thanks for nothing
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Help it is

We are too here to help. Have you friend go down to a Johnstone supply store show his EPA paper and they will sell him the freon . ED
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Smile Finally an answer!!!!!

Thank you very much Ed Imeduc.
Old 08-28-03, 06:46 AM
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If it sounded like I was threatening you sorry. Was just telling you facts I don't have time to sneak around catching people in the act. I was letting you know even people in the trade have to be careful so calm down you don't even know me.
If you are paying $100.00 an hour for service and they are doing gas-n-go you need to call somebody else cause you're getting ripped off.
Try getting it fixed and you wont have to keep adding refrigerant.
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i do not think mattison was out of line. truthfully, if your friend is an epa card holder, why does he not know where to get it? we do not mind helping out, but too many homeowners have asked us advise on how to get around epa rules, the very rules that add cost to our service.
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Regardless that your "friend" has a piece of paper, the fact he doesn't know where to get refrigerant would indicate he is unqualified.
Intentional release of refrigerant is what the regs are about and improper repair constitutes intentional release.
Some people have to come to grips with the fact that sealed system repair is not a DIY job.

You questioned our willingness to help people.
We don't help people screw up the environment and break the law.

This may help you.
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