Humidifiers and air cleaners


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Unhappy Humidifiers and air cleaners


I am in the process of choosing a new heat/ac system for my house. The house currently has radiators, but we are having those removed and forced hot air put in. The house is 100 yrs old, 2 1/2 floors, apprx 3100 sq ft. New windows, new roof (or it will soon!) The contractor is going to install two furnaces - one on the third floor for the 2nd and 3rd, one in the basement for the 1st. House is in New England. We have decided to put in an electrostatic aircleaner.

Here are my questions:
1. Should we put aircleaner on both furnaces, or just one?
2. Should we put in humidifiers - or just use room humidifiers in the bedrooms? If we do have humidifiers installed, should we put them on both furnaces?

Thanks for your help!
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new heat

I would say for sure you want to put a humidifier on both the units so they would cover the whole home.
Now when you say filter yes I would put the same filter on the up and down units. If you mean the filters are the electronic kind I would not spend the $$$$ on them I have had to take to many out. There are many good high efficiency filters out to day that do a very good job. You might want to look in to an AIR BEAR media kind. People do not keep the electronic filters clean as they should so they dont work as they should. ED

My .02 cents
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Humidifiers and Air Cleaners

Ed is right about air cleaners, put one on each furnace and put the same one on each furnace to cut down on the number of different filters / parts you need to buy. A plate type electronic air cleaner does require regular maintenance, but they have very high efficiencies (size and amount of particulate removed) if kept clean. Media air cleaners are much easier to maintain and offer very good efficiencies. Aprilaire makes a electronically enhanced media air cleaner that has better than electronic efficiency and a media maintenance if allergies or asthma is a concern. Honeywell, Trion (Air Bear), Aprilaire and the furnace manufacturers all make good units. Look at your needs; allergies, asthma, dust reduction, keeping the equipment clean. This will help you decide what type is best for you. Talk to your contractor, and get some recommendations from others on this web sight for which brands are best.

If the humidifier is large enough to cover the total cubic footage of the home you will only need one. Looking at the age and size of the your home you may need to go to steam to find one large enough. Humidity is nice because it will disperse throughout the home. Convection will cause humidity to rise, so the humidifier will need to be installed on the furnace for the first floor. Again, there are a number of good brands out there, so ask around.


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good advice

use a media filter such as the air bear ( i have 3), and would use a humidifier on the bottom floor, allowing the moisture to rise with the 2 cents

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