Rumbling floor, continued


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Rumbling floor, continued

We did a little test before we took the blower motor out, checked for foreign objects, and tightened everything up. We turned on the fan only and no rumbling. We then turned the A/C on and then we got the rumbling. It seems to come from above the blower section of the furnace, maybe where the a-coil is. Also we checked the drainage hose for moisture and there was none after running the A/C for 5 min. Any suggestions? Is it time to call in a professional?
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Could be time to call a hvac tech to look at it. You have two lines going to the A coil there on top of your furnace. Now one the small copper line should be warm and the bigger copper line should be cold and wet when the AC is running.Is it in the lines that makes the noise?You could have a expansion valve there that is going bad and chatters or it could be from the compressor outside. If you unit was not running for a time it could take more than 5 min for water to start to come out from the hose there. ED
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did not see earlier post

but could be under charged, intermittant spurts of vapor through the liquid line, or possiblt the piston rattling, have seen that before. what brand is the evap coil?

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