Adding a cold air return


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Lisa Floyd
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Adding a cold air return

Our 1800sf ranch house has only one cold air return in the middle of the house. Bedrooms on the West outside-end are cold in the Winter/hot in the Summer. We want to add more returns-ideally one in each of the 3 bedrooms. Any suggestions about the process?
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Duct work

You didnt say if you had a open basement or what. But yes you can. You will just have to rework the cold air duct for it and run it to the new returns. You can let the cold air return you have now too till be there just box it off some behind the grill you have now and add the new ones down the line.Dont forget about the air filter if its not in the furnace now ED
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supply and returns

Your question is a common one. Parts of the house are not cooled or heated properly.
Just adding returns might not solve your problem. Itís both supply and return issue. Normally the damper at the registers is used to make adjustments to the amount of air flowing into a room. This can also be affected by the bedroom doors being closed. If the doors are cut close to the carpet the air canít leave the room. If the doors are left open and you still have a problem, you can check to see if the walls have insulation and the windows are low-e, dual pane. Next you will need to increase the air flow to the affected room/s. Increasing the duct size will allow more air to flow into a room. In duct fans can be added to push more air to rooms farther away. Normally only one return is needed unless you have a 2 story house.

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