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I have a gas wall furnace and I cannot get the pilot to stay lit. When I press the button and hold it in the pilot will stay lit. When I let go of the button it goes out. I'm not sure what the problem is. Could it be the control knob that is bad?
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The pilot light has to heat a thermal-couple which looks like a piece of rod in the pilot flame. This thermal-couple, when heated will electrically hold the valve open to allow gas to the pilot. By pressing the button, you are overriding the action of the thermal couple and allowing the pilot to burn long enough to get the thermal couple operating. If the thermal couple is bad, you will have to talk to someone about a replacement. They are pretty inexpensive pieces for the wall unit.
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Hello Oldcoot:

Another possiblity causing your wall furnace pilot not to stay on is a yellow pilot.

A yellow pilot flame, even a small bit of yellow, means there is lint in the pilot air intake. This is a common problem and easily corrected, with the proper know how.

All pilots must have a BLUE flame.
Blue means all the gas is burning cleanly and the pilot flame is burning HOT.

Verify that the pilot is in fact yellow. <Looks like a candle flame.>
If so, it has lint or dust in it which first needs to be cleared out in order to verify if the thermocouple is the only cause of the problem.

Second: If the flame DOESN'T look yellowed, <Burning all BLUE> then there are two other possiblities.

A burned out thermocouple. <That copper tube in the pilot assembly which runs from the gas valve control into the pilot falme.>

A defective ASO. <ASO is a part inside the gas valve control which the thermocouple screws into.>
ASO stands for: Automatic Shut Off.

In both cases, unless your really handy and know all the service tips and tricks of a service rep., I would suggest you call your local gas utility and arrange for a service call.

Most natural gas companies offer this free in house service. Check with yours. Even if it isn't free, it's worth it.
<Some offer parts replacements too, so be sure to ask them about that too.>

If the local gas company doesn't make house calls, it's a good idea to have any licensed heating company service the furnace.
<There's a fair chance you will need a part replace anyway.>

There are other possiblities causing your furnace pilot to become inoperative also.
Far too detailed to explain here.

However, something to remember, furnaces are the number one cause of carbon monoxide poisonings. Some wall furnaces will automatically shut down the pilot if other serious situations arise. This is also a possilitity with your furnace.

Be safe, be wise, stay alive, call a pro.

Good Luck.


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