Problem with 3 zone baseboard heating


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I have a 3 zone baseboard hot water heating system. One zone for 2nd floor, one for 1st floor, one for basement. Installed new programmable thermostat 1 month ago on 2nd floor. Worked fine for about 2 wks. Now whenever the basement or 1st floor zone calls for heat the baseboards on the second floor heat up as well. Problem seemed to coincide with colder weather. Gas Co. says the new thermostat is causing problem. I have the new thermostat set and held at 62 degrees but the 2nd floor still gets as high as 72 degrees.
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Hi Tim:

From your well explained problem I am not inclinded to believe it is the new thermostat.

What you said was about two weeks after the new thermostat was installed and the cold weather hit the problem started.

What this sounds like, is a new circulation problem developed and coincided with the new T-stat installation and the heavy demand as a result of the colder weather.

The problem may be a stuck open or partially opened hot water valve in the piping system in that zone.

Therefore, whenever any hot water is circulating thru the system anywhere it is also going thru that defective valve.

In referrence to the new T-stat, it is possible it may be electrically keeping that hot water valve opened.

Double check the connections at the T-stat and be sure it's wired correctly. Recheck that there isn't any wire to wire connection made when the T-stat wires were pushed back into the wall when the T-stat was mounted.

Remove the T-stat wires for a day and see what happens.

All else fails:
Have a qualified radiant heating company check the system.

Good Luck

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