Installation of a programmable thermostat

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Recently, I've been trying to install a new programmable thermostat in my home. What I thought would be a relatively simple thing, is turning out to be a big pain-in-the-butt.
I've been to the hardware store three times to purchase the right thermostat for my system and tried to apply it about ten times.
I guess it is a multistage system or something. I have no idea what that means. Can someone enlighten me on how this system works and to what benfit?...
Another thing is, I feel like I hooked the new thermostat correctly, but the display did not come on. I bought the Honeywell 3611
which is a programmable heat pump thermostat.
After installation and reverting back to the original thermostat, I don't know if it is my imagination, the initial stage dosen't seem to push out very hot air. Please tell me I didn't screw something up?...
Anything comments would be most appreciated.
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Hi Mark:

From your discription of that T-Stat it's for a heat pump heater. If it is infact the correct one for your unit, there shouldn't be any installation difficulties or compatibility problems.

Of course, this is taken that the colored wires where previously installed correctly at the furnace and the correct colors where used. <Not always the case.>

Assuming so and the new T-Stat is/was installed correctly, that cooler air you mentioned is most likely normal.

Heat pumps are nothing more then air conditioners turned around backwards. They remove heat from the outside air <regardless of outside air temperatures> and blow it inside. Therefore, less heat outside, less heat blown inside.

In referrence to those setback temperature settings <which is what I think your referring to> there will be 3 or 4 seperate temp settings for any given 24 hour period.

One for mornings, one for days, one for evenings and one for nights. This gives you multiple choices of temperature settings based on your personal needs. <This is all explained in the owners manual too.>

If the display doesn't show anything <after connecting all the wires correctly and being sure to re-plug in the furnace> next try installing the backup battery. Next look for the RESET button. Push that in. <Here you may need to use a straightend paperclip end>

Now the display should show. <You may need to wait 1 or 2 minutes still> If the display comes on, grab that owners manual and begin to program the time and temperature settings.
I suggest starting with mornings and going forward till you reach nights.

All else fails, four choices.
Return it for another one and try again.
<Be sure the furnace is unpluged before installing this new one, if not done with the first one>
Call the manufactures phone number for assistance.
Contact your local heating company requesting a service call to have it installed. If they offer to install the one they sell, take it. <The $ you spend now you will save in a few years of reduced electric costs.>
If you can not return it because it's considered an electrical item, see number 3 above again or toss the one you bought to see how far it fly's!

Good Luck

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Different equipment manufactures control the reversing valve differently, meaning, some energize the valve in the heat mode, and others energize it in the cooling mode. You have to know which way it's energized, and know which way to wire the stat, either to the "O" or the "B" terminal.
Good luck, Bill
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Cool programmable thermostat installation

HotFreshCool has information about installation and use of Honeywell t-stats.

If your system works correctly with the old thermostat, it should also work with the new one.

Does it require batteries to operate? Some do not work from 24V.
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I have not been on that web site since it came out. They made some changes.. I own the VP8320, and love it. This web site Vp is pretty cool, you can set the time, and see the clock changes, and you can see it say "heat on" when the time changes to your program settings.

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