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my furnace makes a rather loud rattling noise when it starts. is the motor wearing out or what? otherwise it works great.
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Hello badnan;

Most likely yes, to answer your question regarding rattling noises coming from the furnace.

Sounds like a worn out bearing in the motor or squirrel cage fan bearings.

To check this:

First pull the wall plug.
Remove lower panel if it's a closet type vertical furnace, side panel if it's a horizontal.

Look for and remove the fan housing bracket screws and remove the fan assembly.

Hand spin the squirrel cage and look for any 'out of roundness' while it's spinning, any dragging or sticking of the air fan cage while it's in motion.

Lightly, do some hand shaking of the cage while holding the fan housing in the other hand. If there is any wobble, side to side, up or down movement, you found the problem.

If you need to replace any part or parts you have several choices:

Write down the furnace make and model information or take the whole fan assembly with you to the local appliance or heating agency retail parts & repair store.
Buy and install the part or parts yourself.
Have them fix it for you and you place it.
Not handy or wanting to fix it yourself? Call your local heating service and repair agency for repairs.
Either way above will do. Have checkbook or credit card handy...haha

Fan motors/bearings and the labor are not all that cheap! However, once fixed, you'll be warm and noise free.

Good Luck

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