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I recently purchased a gas heater (ceiling mount) as a gift for my husband's work shop which is 20'x30' with 9' ceilings. The heater is a 60,000 BTU made by Advanced Distributor Products call a Compact Unit Heater.

We live in the northern midwest and he has been using a Kerosene heater while he has been preparing to install this heater. He has been experiencing problems, we believe with carbon monoxide building up in the building even though he as had the service door open a small amount. We are concerned that he will experience the same problem with the heater we have purchased?

We plan to have the heater set to maintain a constant 50-55 degrees at all times. He'll probably turn it up higher on weekends, while he's out there. So the building will be closed up a lot of the time with the heater running.

The manual instructs to vent the exhaust, but does not address fresh air inlet. Would it be possible to connect a small fan mounted in the attic with the blower fan? This would pull air in through the vented soffits. In other words, when the blower fan kicks in the fresh air fan would also kick in and replenish fresh air in the building.

My next question is, he is seriously contemplating not using this unit and using a furnace. Is there a difference between a heating unit and a furnace. Would he encounter the same type of problems with fresh air.

For your information, this building houses cars he is restoring, so there will be gasoline involved.
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Hello Sadiep:

Besure to correctly install the NEW heater as per the manufacturers instructions.

Be sure to extend the vent flue pipe above the roof to the height above the roof line and to code.

Prior to firing that suspened heater up for the first time, call your local natural gas utility for a first time light up. This way it can be checked for proper installation and venting, etc.

Regarding the fresh air intake in to the work shop, there are two better ways I think to deal with this issue then using a fan or fans.

Option #1
Install gabble vents in opposite sides of the roof peeks, just as a house would have.

Option #2
Install garage type screened air vents, about 4 to 6 in that size room, into both opposite outer walls about 6 inches above the floor. <I would use 6 about the size of 4x10 inches.>

Best choice, in my opinion is to install 2 gabble vents and at least 4 garage vents.

Good Luck,

PS: This part is the edited part. I forgot to answer your other question regarding the difference between a heater and a furnace.

Basically, there isn't a real difference. Both do the same job but in slightly different ways.

A heater refers to heating one room and a furnace to heating multiple rooms.

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