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Is there a quick formula or internet site explaining how to size a heat pump system? I would like to install a system in a 1775 s.f. tri level home, with no wall insulation.

Your help is appreciated.
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Hello D Collins:

Without more specific information, it would be difficult to say what size <Tonnage> heat pump you would need. The square footage is only one considering factor. Tonnage can vary widely.

Here is why:
If the stories are stacked directly on top of each other, with no insulation, and it's a single family home, you would need one size.

If it's a condo and stacked without insulation and your not the end unit, one size would be correct. Another size might do fine, if your a middle unit.

It would also depend on your climate zone, since heat pumps draw the heat out of the outside air. The colder it is outdoors, the less heat you get indoors.

My suggestions would be:

If your going to install a heat pump, go one size larger then recommend on the charts or web sites and get several local heating contractors opinions.

If you already have natural gas, live in a single family home or in a cold climate zone, use gas. The furnace will be smaller, take up less space, cost less to run and not depend on the outside air for warming the house.


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