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the furnace is a 2 year old armstrong sx ultra 80 gas furnace. The problem is the burners kick on then the blower about 60 sec. later. The blower then shuts down for approximately 3 to 5 min. regardless of how many cycles the burners fire. sometimes the burners fire 2 or 3 times before the blower comes on again. I've tried all three speeds on the blower and the higher the speed the quiker it shuts down. Any thoughts???
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Hello: Riff

There are several possibilities causing the cycling. Without more specific information, it would be almost impossible to list all them here.

A two year old furnace should have a spark ignitor or a glow coil to light the pilot. It could be one of these or there circuits causing the problem. It could also be a defective fan switch or a safety device shuting the furnace down.

With these new models it takes the correct diagnosic equipment and a trained expert, in most cases, to correct problems.

A two year old gas fired furnace should still be under a warranty. Contact the installer or the authorized repair agency for the needed fix.

Good Luck

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