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I live in a 30 year old Cape. We realized this winter that our walls were never insulated. We use gas forced-hot air. The problem is, our upstairs is cooold. Very little heat seems to be coming out of the upstairs heating vents. Is there anyway to cover up the heating vents on the first floor in order to force the hot air upstairs? Is there any help a professional would be able to give us?
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First of all do you know if the blower is on a low setting?? If it is all that may be needed is to switch it to medium or high and should probably solve your problem. You can email me at and we can communicate that way. Also let me know what time you usually go on so i can take you step by step. I will be on periodicly tonight.
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Hello: DBsav

Covering up the downstairs registers may help but it may also be curing a symptom. Same for raising the fan speed. Both may help and may be worth a try. <Do not cover up or close off too many vents.>

Another possibility is seperated or disconnected ducting leading from the furnace to the upper level. You will need access to an attic etc. to locate that ducting tube.

You didn't mention where the furnace is located so it's difficult for me to guess where you need to start. Just locate the furnace where ever it is and follow the tubings leading to the upper level.

With the furnace running and you moving your hands across the tubing joints, you'll feel the escaping warm air. You may also just see in plain sight the disconnected ducting.

Whichever way it happens to be, use duct tape to repair it if you find one seperated or disconnected.

All else fails, contact a local heating agent. What you'll pay for in repairs you will save many times over in lower fuel bills.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your offer to guide me through this process. I will first, (A) see if I can figure this out myself and if not (B) get as much information about my furnace to you so you to better help you help me. I'll get this information to you tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your suggestions of trying to locate anu disconnection in the ducting. My furnace is located in the basement. While the ducting is visible and accessible in the basement, the ducting is located behind the walls in the first and second floors of my Cape. I'll follow the ducts within the basnment but am not sure how to get at the upper ducts. Any ideas?

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