Heat Pump not working correctly


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My Carrier heat pump has the Aux Heat light lit. Last time this happened, I reset a CB and it worked correctly. This time, not so. There are two large fuses outside near the pump compressor unit. Could they be bad? What else might be bad and how can I check myself. I have a meter. Thanks.
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Hi: Buzz Wilson

I doubt your A/H light is on because the CB is inop. If both the outside unit and inside units are running, the Aux is on showing the backup heating element is on.

Since it worked last time but not this time, something else is causing the aux light to be on.

Could just be on if the outside air temp is too cold and not containing enough heat to warm the house.

The A/C unit is 220 volts. You can check for current if your meter has a 500 volt selection setting. Just be sure YOU don't touch any two wires while the circuit is live.

Good Luck,
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check the heat sequencers as well. we recently had a problem with our aux lite and the aux heat was not working due to a bad sequencer. good luck!

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