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I attatched more info to my previous post as you asked but I haven't gotten a response. I was wondering if it just went unnoticed and/or should I have created a new post. Thank you, Dan
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Hi Dan:

Please excuse the delay in response.
<Problems on my end.>

The condition you discribe can be caused by several conditions.

A dusty or linted pilot.
<If there is ANY yellow in the flame, it's dusty or linted.> To clear it, use a small and short piece <about 18 inches long> of automobile fuel line or vacumn hose. Blow around the openings of the pilot assembly.

<This is the human version of compressed air...haha> Don't laugh, done correctly it works!

Pushing a pipe cleaner thru the holes and openings in the pilot assembly also helps to clear dust.

Check for loose wire connections. Wiggle the wires that come from the pilot assembly and on the gas control valve. Tighten any that may be loose. Green wires are ground wires. Be sure they are clean and tight also.

Check for loose wires and bad connections at the thermostat also.

Thats about all you can do. Your heating agent will have to check other parts and the prover electrically.

Good Luck,
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Thanks. I'll let you know what happens.

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