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i want to install additional heat runs and cold air returns on my existing system. can i tap directly into the old system,and what types of tapins do you suggest. im considering using insulated flex hose and spin ins,im working in a very confined space,witch makes it diffecult to use convinitional duct work. at the present time my furnace is over heating, do to lack of ducting and not enough air return. thank you for any advise you my give . larry
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You discribe some rather unusual conditions.
A heater can overheat from a lack of intake air but I have not heard nor ever seen one in the field overheat from a lack of warm air vents.

If the unit you have was properly and professionally installed when new, the condition you discribe would not exist.

However, considering the unit was installed correctly when new, you can add a few new warm air vents without causing any problems. What you will notice is less warm air out of each register.

You can also add one new return intake vent. Too many will cause adverse effects. Placing them in the wrong location will cause ill efects also.

Intake vents need to be as centrally located as possible and as near to the thermostat as possible in a single story house.

What you want to do is also effected by the heaters location in relationship to the house. All works fine if it's centrally located. If not, there are other factors to take into consideration.

Based on only the information you posted, I suggest you contact two or more local heating contractors and get professional options prior to your starting this job.

Good Luck

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