Pilot Light Blowing out


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We installed an older gas furnace in our garage. When I try to light the pilot it blows out. I have the furnace working before. There seems to be a draft inside the unit where the pilot is as my match or lighter will blow out towards me. SUGGESSTIONS? on what to check out?
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Hi: Di

I am not sure the condition you discribe happens when the fan is ON or OFF.

If the match flame blows out when the fan is ON, do not use the heater until you call your local gas utility or service agency for a service check.

This condition, with the fan ON, may be an indication of a cracked heat exchanger. <Firebox>

Exactly where in the garage is the heater located? What type of heater it is and what type of fuel does it use?

If you would like more information here, <while you wait for the service rep.> post a reply to the fan ON/Off question and add more detail, if possible.


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The pilot light is blowing out without the fan running. We have made sure the exhaust pipes are above the roof. The furnance is located in the back half of very large high garage, it is in an enclosed area, however there are a few drafts. I have had the furnance running before, but after turning the heat down the pilot blew out again.

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