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My furnace has started to randomly shut off during the day or night (and not fire back up), no matter what the thermostat is set at. It seems to run better(not shutting off) when the thermostat is kept at 75 degrees or higher, but at night when we set the thermostat at 68 or 70 the furnace will shut off during the night and not fire back up. During the day when have been at home and after it has been running I have heard the blower start to run for about 30-45 sec. and then shut down without sparking or firing up then it won't run until I flip the switch on the furnace. I had the repair man out this last tue. and he changed the nozzle, filter, and cleaned the fan shaped dispersive plate/blades, but the furnace is back to the same thing. Any help would be appreciated, if I can fix it myself I'll do that.
P.S. It is an oil /hot water furnace. American Standard and a Carlin 99 blower.

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Your first two sentences detailing one symptom of your furnace sounds like the thermostats heat anticipator has taken a dump. Try replacing it with a cheapo one and see if that corrects that problem.

Your second problem discription, the fan turning on for a brief time, without the furnace fired up, sounds like the fan switch is getting worn out or the temperator setting is adjusted too low.

The fan switch setting should be set around 140 degrees. This is the temperature at which it turns on to start removing the heat in the heat exchanger. <Firebox>

A setting below the 140 setting will turn the fan on briefly to remove ambient heat caused by the furnaces enviroment. Like a warm attic or closet.

The fan switch works independently and responds to heat inside the firebox no matter what the source may be.

Regardless of everything, if your service person was out within the last 30 days and the same problem exists within that 30 day peroid, you are within your rights to re-call them back for a second service call free of charge. Read your prior paid billing statement to verify your consumers rights in your state.

Good Luck,

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