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The fan on my 10 year old intertherm heatpump will only start if i go outside and hit the top of the unit a few times. There are three wires going to the fan and all have 110 volts on them. Can I check the capacitor with a multitester or is it most likely the fan motor. The motor does sound a little tight when it's starting.
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Most likely there is voltage getting to the unit, if tapping or hitting the unit activates it.

Check for loose or corroded wires on any junction box. Clean all terminals or wire connections. Remove the cover on the capacitor and check inside for same.

Look for oiling caps. Find any, clean off any debris and use 3 in 1 oil or lite motor oil to lubricate the bearings.

Should all this fail, remove the motor and take it to your local electric motor repair store. There it can be tested, repaired or replaced if needed.

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you can test the capacitor, using the OHM meter touch the terminals and watch closely, there should be some movement to your meter....if not its bad, also you will have to reverse the leads everytime you touch the terminals...and before testing ...short it out with a bleed resitor

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