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I have a ceiling about 7 ft high or so and I put bunk beds in the room so that there is more floor space. The person sleeping in the bottom bunk is fine, but the top person is really hot (it's 80 degrees outside). Is there a way to quietly cool the area around the top bunk or something I can buy for that? The a/c vent is on the other side of the room and the bunk beds can't be pused to that side or it will block the closet.

I saw in some magazines something like a mini a/c where you put water in it that costs about $119. Is this a good gadget for my problem? Thanks, Chet.
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That might be one solution. However, it would probably solve your problem just to recirculate the air with a reversible ceiling fan (if you can safely install one there), or place an oscillating fan near the central AC register aimed at the top bunk. Air movement with fans aid the efficiency of central HVAC systems. We run our central HVAC 24/7 (on AC or heat), with the system fan "on" 24/7, which helps circulate air even when the heat or AC aren't running. We don't have ceiling fans (which are best, but my wife dosn't like them), but we do have an oscillating fan on a dresser in our master bedroom which helps a good bit there, too. Try a fan first. Good Luck!

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