Old Thermostat not working properly.


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The last two days our old Honeywell Chronotherm thermostat (serial no. W8344) controlling our good old gas burning hot water furnace has really sloooowed down. The furnace and heat are OK but the thermostat which used to click every second now only does so once an hour it seems and overnight the clock only moved 15 minutes. This one of those old jobs with red and blue plastic pegs to activate the switch and I'm stumped as to what to do. I'm really very handy and can do most home repairs, including electrical, etc. Is this reparable and if so what to do? If not, what should I replace it with and how do I go about that? Thanks in advance for your replies. Cheers, Rughead in Scarsdale.
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replace it... try a Honeywell T8700C1005, this is a heating and cooling type thermostat and is programmable for two events a day, 7 days a week.... i use theses on all my installs, and it works great...its a no brainer and very simple to use.... you might not like the fact that its a 7 day, ( it only has a wake and sleep mode and does what ever is programmed two times a day every day) but its very easy to over ride.
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