Finishing bacement in split level home.


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I am finishing a bacement in a split level home. The bacement was designed to be finished, but was not done when I puchased the home. The home is 3 years old. The furnace is in the center of the bacement. I am going to add vents to the bacement tapping into the branches that feed the upstairs. The finished bacement is open to the rest of the house by way of a 8'x5' opening at the stare case/entry way. I have added a 4' wide louvered set of bifold doors to access the area where furnace lives. Should I add a return air vent to the bacement?
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is it a gas or oil furnace? how many registers are you adding?..this could get tricky with air there a/c?
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Hi:Jim Stickley

I wouldn't suggest adding more registers to your existing heat. Here's why.

If your not going to be down there regularly, you will be heating a mostly unused area, which will reflect in your heating costs.

Second thought that comes to mind is the loss of heat to the upstairs part of the house. Since you will be using the same heater, any tapping into the ducting you do will also reduce the amout of heating your going to be getting upstairs.

Since cold air settles low, the basement will never be as warm as upstairs where the thermostat is anyway, so using your method may provide unsatisfactory results.

My best suggestion, based on the excellent information you provided, is to use a portable electric heater for the basement area. Heat it only when needed.

The electric cost is small, when compared to the work, time, money and heat loss to the rest of the house using your method.

Leave the already installed doors between the two levels. There won't be much noticeable difference in room temperature between your installed doors and sealed doors, since cold air settles and warm air rises.

Enjoy your new finished room.
Good Luck,

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