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GE natural gas furnace

when i turn up my thermostat i hear a distinct buzzing, but the burners don't light up, and the fan never kicks on.
the pilot light is lit.

could it be a relay?


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ok...check for 24v at red and white. this could be a thermostat problem or broken wire. also check to see if on of the flame roll out switches are open. this you will need to use an ohm meter on. they are located on the front of the burners and will have wires running to them. some have resets on them .

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I am going to make some assumptions here.

First off:
They are NOT meant to insult nor offend you, degrade your abilities or skills <of which I have no knowledge of> or anyone else's. They are meant ONLY for educational information to both you and others whom may also read this post.

That said, try this first. When your furnace is buzzing, take the handle end of a medium sized screwdriver and gently give a good rap the side of the gas valve.

<You may need to do this several times in differnt areas but I doubt it.>

If done correctly and the furnace burners do fire up, the solenoid/solenoids on that gas valve are defective and will need to be replaced.

Also gently wiggle the wires checking for a loose one. If you find it, the furnace will fire up. Tighten that wire.

You may also want to check for other loose ones. Check ONLY those wires that are small, thin and NOT connected to the wall plug!

The buzzing may also be from a defective low voltage transformer. The buzzing becomes more apparent when under a load. <Asked to do something like open a valve.>

It is not likely that the thermostat is defective here. The furnace IS attempting to fire up when you turn on the thermostat. We also know that it isn't voltage to or from the thermostat either, for the same reason.

I have to also assume you haven't got the foggiest idea what a flame rollout switch looks like either. Even if you do, are they attached to the burners. There're attached to the flash cover. I do not expect you to know what that is either, unless you have the owners manual or a service book.

If all else fails, contact your local authorized heating agency for needed repairs.
You'll be warm much sooner and glad you did.

It's not mentioned if the pilot is on constantly or the furnace has an electronic ignition. The furnaces age. Any other actions the furnace does besides NOT fire up. Anything else a furnace doesn't do when the burners do fire up.

Posters please note that these are important details. The more you information you post regarding the furnace, the better help we can offer. Thanks.

Good Luck

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