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Hello All, we bought a 45 year old house 3 years ago from the original owners. In the Early 80's they relaced the gas furnace and AC with a Carrier system. We just had a heating system inspection and were told that we have a hole in our heat exchanger and that the whole system needs to be replaced. Needless to say, I'm getting a second opinion. My question is how huch is a new high end system (gas furnace and AC, top of the line, best efficiency, etc) going to cost? I'm a firm beleiver that you get what you pay for. I'm just looking to find out what ballpark I'm playing in. Thanks.
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give me the size, or model numbers and ser. Number of both the gas and a/c units..I'll give you a price. also is it LP or natural gas
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There are several methods to determine if the firebox is in fact cracked, if the crack is not plainly visible. Firebox removal is one option. Smoke testing another.

I would suggest contacting your gas supplier and requesting a carbon monoxide test be completed to determine if there is no positive visual proof of a crack before proceeding with any other test.

The CO test will show a digital readout of the co levels for each individual firebox chamber. The one with the out of or off of the scale read level has the crack. Your furnace may not even have a cracked firebox.

Be advised, many an inspector are just covering their collective a..'. when they say I "SUSPECT" the furnace has a cracked firebox. <Another way to cover up from any future legal actions.>

Their ASS-umption is based soley on the furnaces age, as a reference. This has no bearing on the possibility of a defective firebox, in many cases.

I have personally done hundreds of furnace co tests which proved to be in perfectly fine
working order 30 to 50 years of age.

Some so called inspectors DO NOT even KNOW how to look for a cracked firebox. Some may never even have seen one!

If the inspector is from a heating company, there may be some truth in the story but even here one has to consider the motovation to make a sale.

My best suggestion is to contact the gas utility company. Obtain several alternate estimates, if a new furnace needs to be installed.

Good Luck

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