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I plan to replace my heating and air conditioning unit soon. I want to include
an air filter, but would like the pros and cons of electronic vs a replacable media
type filter. Any info or experience with the
two types would be appreciated.
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All forced air furnaces come with either the disposable or washable types of air filter.

What I think your referring to here as an "electronic filter" is for allergies.

These types of filters also need periodic cleaning and to the best of my knowledge do not take the place of the washable or disposable types of filters.

In my opinion, unless you have a specilized health concern or need, these electronic air filters for removing dust and airborne pollens are a specialized item not needed by everyone.

Therefore, read the literature offered by the electronic filter manufacturer and offered by the heating agency prior to making the new furnace purchase.

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Many differant filters are out on the market today, from the cheap spun glass type all the way to the electronic type.The better the filter media the better the filteration. Honeywell makes a very good product, that will let you build as you can afford. you can start out with the paper media and see how you like that, you will find that it will cost about 38 dollars two or three times a year to replace the media. or you can jump right in and go with the electronic type, and the only thing there is wash off the pre filters, and rinse the grids, here again two to three times a year.
I have customers that swear by them. the electronic type, work off of twin cells that ionically charge particals and then trap them on the grid wires. it seems to me if i remember correctly, they carry a ten year year warrenty.

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