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My a/c is not cooling properly. The fan is blowing but the temp; does not get any cooler. Could this be simply my thermostat?

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Where is the outside unit located Ed? On the roof? On the side of the house? Where is the inside unit located? In the attic, hallway, garage, basement? What is the units age? Important details as you'll see why below.

It's not likely your thermostat.
Which fan is blowing? There are two fans.

I suspect your refering to the house fan here. Which means air is coming out of the registers inside the house correct? If so, then it's not the thermostat.

If the house isn't getting cooler but the outside fan is running, the most likely cause is a lost charge of freon. <Lost charge means a loss of freon somewhere in the system.>

For this you will need an air conditioning agency come over and first find the leak, fix it then recharge the system.

If the freon loss was over a several year period of time, the unit is beyond 15/20+ years old or so, the outside unit is a long distance from the inside unit, etc., it may not be cost effective to locate such a small leak.

Therefore, the service representative my not recommend looking for it, taking whichever unit has the pin hole in it apart, fixing it or replace a major part, etc. and simply recharge the system.

I suggest you get the opinion of one or more service agencies based on the units location/age and problem.

Good Luck

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while I'll agree with most of what tom said, there could be more to it then that, just because the outside fan is running , doesnt mean the compressor is doing its job, there could be a problem there. as for the leak, with todays test equipment, a leak can be found fairly fast, 80% of the leaks i find are at the service ports. loose or defective valve cores. now remember, this is not a task that the home owner should tackle, if they want to check for leaks, a soapy mixture and a brush is all they need to look for leaks. it will save them money and the repair can be made in less time.
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Hi Edward, Last year i have had the same problem with my AC.I had three contractors tell me that my compressor was bad and that i needed a new unit.It turned out to be just a bad capacitor My advice is.....find sombody you can trust! Good luck, Bela

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