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My husband and I are selling our condo and one of the items that we have to upgrade is the heating system. The inspector asked us to put a flex line on our central heat/air unit? Is this easy and can we do it ourselves. How do we do it?
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what does he mean
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I have to make an assumption here and say your referring to the gas flex line from the shutoff valve on the pipe coming out of the wall, to the furnace gas valve.

I'll bet the existing line is not a flex gasline. Many cities codes now require solid gaslines be replaced with flex.

If your handy with pipe wrenches and cresent wrenches, you can do this job yourself.

I suggest you turn off all gas to the house FIRST! Then begin removing the old solid gas line and the old shutoff valve.

Hold one part while removing the other part to keep it from also turning and this way you will avoid damages.

DO NOT over tighten the adapter that goes into the furnaces gas valve!!! Doing so will cause the housing to crack!

Use a thread sealant and lubricant on all threads. Do not use thread tape!

Install the replacement flex of identical size per instructions and in the same manner as you removed the old parts.

Not handy? No problem. Contact your local plummer or gas company. Many gas utilities offer this service. Almost any plummer does this type of work daily too.

Either way, if your not sure you can or want to do it yourself, have it done professionally for your peace of mind.

Good Luck

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