"I got ripped in heating bills"


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"I got ripped in heating bills"

I would have about $1000 dollars if I cut my bills in half last year.
This isn't how much I would save with a newer system is it??
If I go from where I am today with my old unit efficiency to where I would be with newer system efficiency, what would the difference be? Surely not at a level that would mean cutting my bills in half. Really?? The difference is that significant?
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You dont say what you have now are how old it is. That would help Read post #2 ED
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system age

My system is a Carrier from 1982. I was checking it out last night and noticed a few interesting things: First, I set the thermostat to "auto" and "heat". After that, the system kicked on, but it stays at a very low blower setting. I also noticed that the flue was getting really hot. I assumed that this was because I wasn't forcing enough air across the heat exchanger. So I turned the swith on the thermostat from "auto" to "forced on". After I did this, the blower really cranked up and heted the house really quick..why doesn't it crank up like this in "auto" mode? It ALWAYS stays in low blower in auto mode.

Second, is there a way to control the amount of gas that is burned during the operation? It seems that if I can reduce this gas volume use, less would be heating up the flue and the outside of my house.

Mark H
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Your 82 furance is the older style.. Chance are your getting about 60% eff. out of it.

The flue pipe is going to get hot no matter what.. The new 90% furance is going to use PVC, and that runs much cooler, and are able to touch that w/ no problem..

Take the front cover off, and look for the rating plate.. You'll see something on there that will say something for temp rise.

Stick a thermomtor in the return near the filter.. Take a reading..

do the same just above the heat exchanger or A/C coil take a reading..

Do the math..

Temp of air above the heat exchanger
subtract from temp in the return.

That should give your temp rise.

If your temp rise is over the rated info on the furnace, then you have a few things to check into.

1- Filters clean? (What type?)
2- Are the vents open, and returns not blocked?
3- ducts are not caved in (Flex type in some homes)
4- blower running too slow (this should be last after the top 3 been checked)


Fan switch on T-stat.

When you have it set on "AUTO", the fan will ONLY come on for call of heat or cool. So another word, the will not change speed automaticly in heating mode.

The fan has two speed..
-High speed runs on cool
-Low speed runs on heat

Now, if the swtich set to "ON", the fan will run on High speed all times on heat or cool.

There is no way to adj the gas flow on the older modle..

How many BTU is the unit rated for?

We can "Clock" your meter to see how much gas the unit is taking while it's burning..
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Ok if you look on the blower door most of the times there will be a wire lay out for the furnace. This will show you how or what color wire to use to change the speed on the blower for heat or cool.if the noise is not o bad you can have it run at that speed on heat all the time. Also new air filters ev ery 30 to 90 days.
On the gas no no no . Dont sound right but you will burn more gas if you where to set the volume or the pressure down on the burner.

Set the blower up a speed and keep clean air filters in it . you will save $$$$$$$ This way ED
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