Winterize / DEwinterize

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Red face Winterize / DEwinterize

I'm at odds, this is our first home we are moving into on Halloween and it is "winterized." There are notices on each faucet. Being this is my first experience with this, as I am from Australia, I need help.

My water is not currently on, nor is my gas, and it is winterized, how do I DE-winterize it? My husband, a native to this country, has no idea either LOL

Thanks in advance!

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The water could be as simple as looking for any open lines and then when you are sure everything is closed, slowly open the main shut off while someone looks for drips.

I would suggest you hire a reputable heating contractor to give your furnace a good check over before starting.
This would be a good opportunity to learn about your system.
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You said your gas is shut off. Is it shut off at the main? IF so and it's locked. you will need to contact your gas company to get your gas account started. I would suggest calling them before you get there. Hate to see you move into a Cold house with no heat for a couple of days! :-(

Also, you may need to contact your water and electric company to get your account going, and service turnd on if it's off..

Welcome to the USA :-) Get ready for Old Man Winter.
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Well thank you, to both!

I know the electric is on, but since the real estate made the assumption, this house would be on the market for a while, they winterized... BLAH!

From what I understand, the gas is off, and locked. So I'll CERTAINLY take your advise and call them a few days before we're going to be there! THANK YOU Jay!

Greg, THANKS! I have been led to believe, there has been two leaks, one stemming from a problem with the roof which we have someone on already, and one from a leak in the bathroom. Now I was sent photos of the damage, and I'm not yet sure if it was repaired or the water just turned off. Did a bit of damage to the ceilings, nothing we can't fix though, and if you know the price I'm paying for the house you'd understand why I volunteered to take the job on LOL I will do what you suggested I think and skip doing that part on my own, I'd rather not risk the damage

Thanks again, to both of you. I appreciate your help!

PS. THANKS for the welcome
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Run the water for at least 10-15 minutes to flush any antifreeze out that may have been put in. Usually the supply lines are just blown out, but sometimes someone will load them with antifreeze in case there are undrained pockets. If they use the right stuff it is not dangerous, just sweet. If they use the wrong stuff it can be very dangerous. Flush them either way.

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