New thermopride/ fan on and off


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New thermopride/ fan on and off

I just had new ductwork and a new thermopride lowboy put in my house. It runs fine but after it goes off a fan kicks in for a split second or so and goes off and kicks on again and goes off. My heating man said it was normal in order to cool down the heat exhanger??? I always thought it did that when the air had no where to go?? My old one when recently used did not do that. Does anyone know????
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high efficiency

Some of the higher efficiency models try to wring out every smidgeon of energy possible. The steel cools off the sensor and shuts down then gets warm again through conduction of other warmer parts that were still warm, this closes the sensor switch and runs the fan till it cools off again. If this continues more than 3 or 4 minutes, then he needs to look further.
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Fan Control/Limit maybe set too close.. If you got the Honeywell fan control , take off the grey cover, and see what it's set at..

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